Domed Name Badges

Domed name badge

These quality Name Badges are scratch and water resistant, providing a highly sought after professional appearance for your business.

Domed name badges can be virtually any colour and can include your logo or a photo.  We do not charge extra to set up your badge, we simply need the finished logo, the name and the colour of your choice.

All badges come standard with a standard pin back fastener.  Our other options are the popular magnet fastener or the pin/clip fastener.  Please see our FASTENERS page for more details.

To make your badge stand out you also have the option to change the background finish.  Select from a brushed gold, or a brushed silver, this gives the badge a very classy look.  Please contact us for more information.


We have various sizes available.  The standard sizes are listed below, but we do have more shapes and sizes, so if you have special requirements, please contact us.


Smallest   47mm x 16mm 
Small  61mm x 26mm 
Medium  64mm x 19mm 
Regular 76mm x 25mm - This is the most popular size
Large  70mm x 35mm 
Extra Large  80mm x 50mm 


Small  50mm 
Large  60mm 


Small 42mm x 25mm
Medium 55mm x 30mm
Large 66mm x 35mm

* As well as the various sizes, we also have the option of holders. You can choose from gold edged, silver edged or black edged. Contact Us for more details.


Choose your badge option, then choose the type of fastener you would like on the back.  See our FAQS page for more info, or our How To Order page to place an order or get a quote for your individual needs.

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